WIIM, a Spanish start-up, was beginning to shape their idea of building a product for hearing-impaired individuals. Their team needed help with user experience strategy and implementation plan.

I worked on a team of engineers to research how hearing-impaired individuals act and communicate in emergency situations and create an emergency alarm solution.

UX Process

We discovered that hard of hearing people care less about being close to assistance and more about being independent and safe on their own. Our goal was to design a smartwatch app that easily allowed them to send a signal to the doctor, family and receive alert signals in their house.

Through primary research and data analysis, we achieved an in-depth understanding of our hearing-impaired persona journey and uncovered the opportunity for WIIM to revolutionize a daily routine with a new way of feeling the space and sound. It also showed the necessity of incorporating family and friend notifications, medical history information apart from calling the emergency number and providing GPS location.

After defining the MVP, I created contact information and healthcare screens for the mobile app; assisted in pitch and grant writing for the investors.


We designed a technology for a house that will allow people with hearing impairments remain connected to their environment. The smartwatch detects alerts and alarms around them which are transformed into sensations for their skin.

Our design project has been selected among other 300 projects. The funding received was 200k Euros.

Next Steps

Future user testing and field testing with the wearable and the mobile app to refine them.

Screenshots of working process
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