Wavyn start-up was building a driving assistant for commuting drivers. I worked on a team of engineers, product manager, UX designer and a graphic designer to develop an alert system to prevent accidents in cars.

Our goal was to design a mobile application that easily allowed drivers to react quickly in potentially dangerous situations and minimize mobile phone usage.

UX Process

I used mixed methods generative research techniques (one-on-one generative research interviews, contextual inquiries and surveys) to explore the journey users take when driving. It enabled us to dig deeper into understanding our customers, fostering a strong sense of empathy and enabling us to answer our objectives: uncover drivers` thought processes and prior experiences before, during and after driving, discover devices/apps customers are using in the car, learn about any pain points users are encountering during their drive, understand drivers` experience during potentially dangerous situation/accidents they have experienced.

We have identified that drivers are struggling to concentrate, they have a need or dependence on interacting while driving and they do so while heavy traffic, stop lights, moments of boredom and monotony, situations that they seemed to view as very low risk. It allowed us to make personas and an empathy map that helped concentrate better on the users and context of the problem we tried to solve. Using a lean approach, I created the paper and clickable prototypes based on the findings. To collect additional quantitative data, I made an analytics dashboard where we could track KPIs while testing the product (time to set up the app,  number and duration of alerts, overall satisfaction, etc.).

After building the beta version of the product, beta testing was carried out using snowball sampling as well as attracting testers via social media and beta family tool. Drivers enjoyed timely alerts and feedback about their driving habits. They found useful having a score that showed how much time they were driving safely, the amount of time being distracted or speeding.


We designed technology for cars that allowed drivers to receive sound and visuals alerts to prevent forward collision and speeding, reinforce good driving habits while commuting. The mobile application was launched 4 months before the deadline and now has 1400+ beta users in 25+ countries around the world.

Screenshots of working process
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