Oenomad is a San Francisco start-up that provides users with a search and discovery social platform and planning tool for building tasting trips in wine country. They were about to launch their product, but during the last user testing, it was found that the website was confusing to the customers. The goal of this project was to re-design the existing website and the mobile application.

UX Process

In order to make a new user-friendly version, I carried out usability testing. Based on that, I decided to restructure the website to improve user interaction and an upgrade the mobile app with onboarding screens.

The competitive analysis was the key to finding what mobile app already exist in the market to evaluate how a given product’s competition stacks up against usability standards and overall user experience. It also helped understand how the major competition is handling usability.


We came up with a new version of a website: change of the color palette, reduction of text, more visual content, a new sign in screen, information about the mobile app and an inspiration section. As for the mobile app, I suggested several onboarding screens for first-time users to introduce the app and demonstrate how it works together with the website. Preference and navigation tests with the users helped us create a user-friendly product.

Next Steps

I strategized to do the following: monitor the progress of the website with Google Analytics concentrating on the users, numbers of both visitors of the website and unique visitors to determine how they are responding to the new site and their organic search; amount of time on site: number of qualified leads, mouse tracking, number of social media/blog subscribers etc.

Multiple documents related to working process and website re-design
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