Art museums are a great place to talk with kids about creations and show art as an expression of culture, they foster curiosity, provoke imagination, introduce unknown worlds and subject matter. However, exhibition halls are not child-friendly, they are no hands-on, there's no running, and no snacking allowed. It is a challenging place to visit with kids of various ages. Many museums are looking for ways to reach new users by way of an entertainment based museum application.

I worked to research how families visit museums, and I discovered that parents care about educating their kids using art and want to know how to do that to get the maximum experience of the visit. My goal was to design a museum mobile app solution for families that allows to learn about art and create memorable experiences.

UX Process

Interviews and creating a user journey allowed to re-create the visit to the museums and concentrate on the biggest pain point for users is an engagement of the whole family in art museums. It provided ideas to create an appealing atmosphere by simplifying the art for different ages.

With the concepts for MVP features and persona, I tested the first design iteration that focused primarily on several games and activity suggestions. Testing showed which one was more popular and provided feedback on navigation. After additional conversations after the testing, I added camera feature to create a postcard.


Through user research, sketching, rapid prototyping, and usability testing I was able to design an MVP concept of this mobile app.

Next Steps

Following this most recent iteration, I would like to put it through usability testing to see how I could improve the design.

Screenshots of working process
Screenshots of working process
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