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Sticking to a regular habit schedule isn't easy. In our busy lives, there are plenty of potential hindrances — time, boredom, laziness, excuses, self-confidence. We consider practical strategies for overcoming common barriers to creating a good habit and personal achievement. We believe the Kaizen Approach can be used in creating Alexa echo device skill for individuals who would like to bring changes to their lives.

UX Process

Through primary research (interviews, survey and diary study) and data analysis, we achieved an in-depth understanding what is the usage of Alexa device. It also showed the necessity of improving user experience and we came up with incorporating reminders, an element of fun and music.

Conducting diary study (Dovetail platform) was important to see how participants make regular notations about the usage of specific Alexa skills over a period of one week. We tracked daily interaction with echo device to understand why users engage or don`t engage, what is the most useful and entertaining for them. Users mostly use Alexa for music and some other skills like a timer, weather, jokes to get immediate information.

I partnered with Lidia Khmylko, Software Engineer to build a new Alexa skill that encourages customers to use the device every day.

Screenshots of working process
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