Anna Vinogradova, UX Researcher

Hi, I'm Anna

I'm a UX researcher who plans and executes end-to-end generative and evaluative research. I guide and inspire cross-functional teams by uncovering meaningful human-centered insights to drive great design and innovation for product teams.

In my day to day work, I use a mix of research methods (qualitative and quantitative) to understand consumer behavior, motivations, needs and create products that solve real people problems.

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What my clients say about me

Client of Anna Vinogradova, a UX Researcher

Antonio Sanchez


It was a pleasure working with Anna and our team learned a lot from the collaboration. She has identified the areas to improve for our product to be user-centered via qualitative and qualitative data collection.

Anna's background in public health and user experience knowledge helped us to put ourselves in customer's shoes and connect with them, built trust for each customer and Wiim deliver a better product. She also helped us finish writing the grant proposal that was successfully selected for funding.

Anna was energetic, open and enthusiastic on all steps of the project and all team, me including worked easily together.

Client of Anna Vinogradova, a UX designer

Kelly Whiting

Oenomad, CEO

Anna was a valuable addition to our team and really helped take our UX design to the next level (on both web and iOS mobile). She is full of great ideas and never afraid to share them. She uses her time very effectively and always over delivers on project deliverables. I highly recommend her and hope to be able to work with her again.

Client of Anna Vinogradova, a UX designer

Alexandre Person

Engineer, Consultant

I contacted Anna to help us to improve our UX Design on our UC Berkeley-based venture project: Grape2Glass, a wine e-commerce platform.

Anna's recommendations were relevant, concise and personalized. In two days, she was able to grab our vision, complete a competition analysis, give feedback on our first prototype and give suggestions on our next prototype. She is organized and creative.

It is a pleasure to connect and work with her. I highly recommend her and hope to be able to work with her again!

Client of Anna Vinogradova, a UX designer

Edward Hu

Thematic, Account Executive

I had the pleasure of working with Anna on a photography application in the Fall of 2017. She really helped our team refine our product direction after conducting extensive user interviews. Without Anna, I wouldn't have uncovered major gaps in our service offering. Anna provided us with great insights, efficient communication, and outstanding teamwork.