Anna Vinogradova, UX Designer and UX Researcher

Hi, I'm Anna

I'm a UX researcher and designer who uses empathy, curiosity, strategy and technology to understand people, analyze problems and create satisfying outcomes. When it comes to the successful products, the user experience is critical. I like to constantly improve how the product looks, feels and functions. I use research methodology and design thinking to develop experiences for people that inspire enjoyment.

I have over 10 years of experience working in the healthcare industry with qualitative and quantitative data. I was drawn to UX because I have transferable skills and it's a perfect combination of bridging critical thinking, behavior patterns, and empathy.

I'm an ISFJ, and outside of UX, I mentor young scientists write abstracts for international conferences.

Square icon of multiple screens Research, design, writing and collaboration skills to create digital products with San Francisco start-ups
Square logo of Anna Vinogradova's previous work place Supervised research and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data collection of 43 sites
Square logo of Anna Vinogradova's previous work place Oversaw II-IV clinical trials
Designed and implemented a new algorithm of care
Square logo of Anna Vinogradova's previous work place Led the development and analysis of a drug resistance database resulting in 3 peer-reviewed publications
Square logo of Anna Vinogradova's previous work place Assisted in drafting USAID-funded behavioral surveillance study
Square logo of Anna Vinogradova's previous work place Managed qualitative research database of 5 sites, an NIH-funded program

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What my clients say about me

Client of Anna Vinogradova, a UX designer

Antonio Sanchez


It was a pleasure working with Anna and our team learned a lot from the collaboration. She has identified the areas to improve for our product to be user-centered via qualitative and qualitative data collection.

Anna's background in public health and user experience knowledge helped us to put ourselves in customer's shoes and connect with them, built trust for each customer and Wiim deliver a better product. She also helped us finish writing the grant proposal that was successfully selected for funding.

Anna was energetic, open and enthusiastic on all steps of the project and all team, me including worked easily together.

Client of Anna Vinogradova, a UX designer

Kelly Whiting

Oenomad, CEO

Anna was a valuable addition to our team and really helped take our UX design to the next level (on both web and iOS mobile). She is full of great ideas and never afraid to share them. She uses her time very effectively and always over delivers on project deliverables. I highly recommend her and hope to be able to work with her again.